• Grey skirt or shorts (knee length pleated/A-line, not straight tight skirts/lycra)
  • Grey/black trousers (not lycra or bootcut) 
  • White school polo shirt or shirt
  • School crewneck sweatshirt OR school cardigan*
  • Sensible, low-heeled black OR red school shoes – no boots. Sensible AND safe sandals may be worn in warmer months.
  • White socks OR grey or red tights NOT trainer ankle socks.

Summer wear: Red and white checked gingham school dress and white ankle socks.


  • Grey trousers OR shorts (NOT cargo style i.e. pockets on outer trouser leg)
  • White school polo shirt or shirt.
  • School crewneck sweatshirt OR V necked sweatshirt*
  • Black school shoes. Sensible and safe sandals may be worn in warmer months.
  • Black and grey socks NOT trainer ankle socks


Local retailers: National Schoolwear Centre, Alcester and Orchard Clothing –

  • In the interest of hygiene, hair should be tied back where possible and kept off the face. Inexpensive, plain hairbands and hair clips are recommended.
  • ALL articles of clothing must be clearly marked with your child’s name.
  • Children are not allowed to wear jewellery in school. Children with pierced ears are permitted to wear small plain studs only (that can easily be taken out by your child for PE lessons).
  • Bleached and highlighted and extreme hairstyles are strongly discouraged.
  • Make-up, nail varnish and transfer tattoos are not permitted.

*Please note that children can wear an appropriate red jumper OR cardigan as an alternative to a school logoed version.

PE Kit 

Indoor kit: Red shorts, white t-shirt 

Outdoor kit: Dark tracksuit bottoms, red or dark jumper, trainers (preferably with laces to offer more foot/ankle support)

NB: Children must change out of tights for PE 

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